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Want to bring Cement Suitcase to your town? You can do it with Tugg!

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"J. Rick Castañeda’s Cement Suitcase is a humorous romp through one man’s stilted life. Voiceover and other techniques continually break the fourth wall, while other stylistic flourishes create an almost whimsical aesthetic. Combined with the professional polish of the entire production, it’s high quality entertainment all around." 

- Mark Bell, Film Threat

"If you're in the mood to laugh, feel good and support an indie flimmaker, then Cement Suitcase is a film you won't want to miss."  

- Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"Castaneda’s wit and insights elevate good material to something great. [Cement Suitcase] an emotionally effective comedy that finds new ways to remind us of some of life's simpler but easily forgotten lessons and I'll be damned if it wasn't one of the best I'd seen in quite some years."  

- W.D. Conine, Geek New Wave

"This is a fun and clever film with heart and a winning performance from its lead. Cement Suitcase is easily worthy of a taste."  

- Aaron Peterson, The Hollywood Outsider

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